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Dream Factory Ceramics is a company that manufactures and sells ceramics. Mugs, magnets and more. We specialise in personalisation, label ceramic.

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about us

We started our adventure with ceramics as a hobby many years ago, our knowledge from a variety of materials and training courses and practical experience in our garage "within the four walls". After small successes and with the approval of our loved ones in the middle of 2018 we decided to formalise our activities and founded the company Dream Factory Ceramics, producing and selling ceramics. Since then we have been professionally immersed in making unconventional objects created from clay using high temperatures.

3 large and neat looking mugs of the fmceramics brand engraved with the logo of this brand, the mugs are arranged next to each other on a wooden table, they are in the colours blue, brown and silver

Our head office is located in the Subcarpathian region near the town of Jaslo in the village of Warzyce in the not distant vicinity of the Beskid Niski with all its charms and climate. Here we have beautiful wooded areas, picturesque mountains and valleys. Next to it, there is the Karpacka Troja open-air museum, established in the place of the discovery of one of the oldest fortified settlements in Poland called Wały Wały Królewskie, whose origins date back to the early Bronze Age. There were archaeological discoveries (including pottery) dating back to the early Bronze and early Bronze Ages were made there. Bronze Age and early Middle Ages. It could be Said that to some extent we are cultivating regional ceramic traditions.

Iconic ceramic utensils used in everyday work

what we do

We offer mugs, bowls, containers, bottles, sets of coffee sets, figurines, magnets and more. We personalise our products, the decoration technique we use is the ceramic label.

Blue white and green mug produced by fmceramika, the mugs are arranged on a wooden board, below are also produced ceramic logos of various companies that have collaborated with fmceramika

We organise ceramic workshops, we have a specially prepared and equipped workshop space, which creates perfect conditions for playing and fun and creative work with clay. The workshop is an excellent idea for a gift and an interesting way of spending time for people of all ages.

Our products are made of porcelain mass (a type of stoneware) with a absorbability of less than 0.5%. They are coated with glazes for better properties and appearance, can be used in microwave ovens and are dishwasher safe. We mould the products using the casting or turning method. Firing is carried out in kilns at a temperature of 1250°C. We use safe materials: we do not use lead or cadmium.

Iconic ceramic utensils used in everyday work

offer - ceramic label

We specialise in the personalisation of our products, the technique we use is the ceramic label. We are able to reproduce a given logo or other graphics in a very attractive way. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in every area of running your own business so it is increasingly important that we stand out from the crowd and be remembered by our customers, chich will kee them coming back to us. Our aim is to increase the number of satisfied customers.

Green mug with applied ceramic picture of a deer, the mug is on a wooden base

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in every area of running your own business. competition, so it is increasingly important that we stand out from the crowd and be remembered by our customers, who will want to keep coming back. who will want to come back to us. Our proposal to increase the number of satisfied customers:

Personalisation with ceramic label: Logo your company logo, the name of your establishment or venue, your coat of arms, a stamp with any graphics or text on a 3D label made by us is made of clay. Compared to decorations made using other methods, it is 3D, it has different depths and shapes, which makes it look fantastic. This is a premium product!!!

Take a look at our capabilities and realisations below.

contact Iconic ceramic utensils used in everyday work



why us?

We like people, we are open-minded, we know the job, it is our passion. our passion, we have a few more assets:

unique design

In our works, we strive to refine every detail from shape, texture, glaze and packaging. We want our customers to receive a product of the highest quality, both technically and visually. quality, both technically and visually.


Nowadays, customers are increasingly looking for products handmade on the home market, often guaranteeing better quality and not a mass product. quality and are not a mass product.


Coat of arms, company logos, stamps with any graphic or text, on a Our clay ceramic labels will look great. looks great. It is more attractive and more prestigious than other decoration methods. It looks fantastic!!!

individual approach

The policy we pursue is based on openness and respect for all institutions, companies and the individual customer.

Our products are becoming more and more popular and more people want to own them. In addition to the local market, they are also seen in other corners of the world where they have travelled with their owners in Finland, Hungary, Great Britain, the United States and as far away as Japan. as well as in distant Japan. We greet all our customers and look forward to welcome back.

Company logo fmceramika, large letter F with the word ceramics on the left inverted by 90 degrees The main logo of the company fmceramika, the icons of the dishes and the inscription Dream Factory on a bright yellow background, all within a circle Company logo fmceramika, letters F and M joined together inside a circle

You will recognise us by one of three logos.

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